Jeff Gordan Test Driving It To The Max, Or Is He?

As an avid YouTube watcher I try to stay up to speed on all of the hilarious new videos gone viral.  This week I was surprised to see NASCAR driver Jeff Gordan promoting Pepsi Max in disguise running a prank on an unsuspecting car salesman, taking him for the ride of his life.  Gordan gets into a 2009 Chevy Camaro with a “can cam” (aka a camera disguised as a Pepsi can), and zooms off educing panic on the car salesman.  After taking the car for a few ridiculously fast spins, they return to the lot and the salesman storms off threatening to call the cops, but not before Gordan reveals the truth about who he really is.

A hilarious video, yet to my surprise it just came out that it’s not a true prank!  Gordan apparently did not drive the car, and the salesman was an actor.  That may be because it was a commercial.

Though it was well disguised as another prank video (hello punk’d), the video is indeed an advertisement for Pepsi Max.


Many are blowing the roof off of the video with detective like images and phone calls to the supposed salesman.  Jalopnik goes on a detailed look into the “truth” behind the video.  It has been discovered that the producers behind it all come from Gifted Youth, a division of Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die Company.  The company even wrote last spring in the New York Times that they “will create videos that are purely advertising, which marketers could run online, on television or in movie theaters. Those videos are more likely to be in the standard commercial lengths of 30 to 60 seconds”.  Though some may see this as deception, I can’t help but think of one thing.  Oh yea, all press is good press.

No matter if it is a true prank or not (or a true commercial or not), Pepsi Max get’s their product across in a creative and pretty hilarious way.  And as of today the video has been viewed over 30 million times!  If this isn’t good advertising, I don’t know what is!

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Beers and Tears

Since I didn’t give the Super Bowl my complete attention last weekend, this weekend I educated myself on some of the most memorable ads of the game.  I normally am intrigued by the funny advertisements, but this particular commercial one had me teary eyed.  The Budweiser Clydesdale’s “Brotherhood” advertisement featuring a newly born foal, had many animal lovers choked up.  It is a perfect equation for tears with an adorable baby horse, “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac, and rousing run into hug moment at the end.


(need a reminder?  Watch it here!)

            I have remembered Clydesdale’s being an integral part of Budweiser’s advertising forever, but was surprised to find out that they have been apart of Budweiser’s marketing since April 7, 1933 when August A. Busch, Jr. presented a hitch of Clydesdale’s as a gift to his father as a celebration to the end of prohibition!   August Anheuser Busch, Sr. was guided outside the brewery by the ruse of being told his son had purchased him a new car, but instead was greeted by the horses, pulling a red, white, and gold beer wagon.  This wagon was the carried the first case of post-Prohibition beer from the St. Louis brewery!  Who knew!

            Ever since, the Clydesdale’s have had an active role in Budweiser’s advertising and are a recognizable image of the company.  This particular commercial however, uses intense emotional appeal, and it seems to me that it would be hard for anyone that would not enjoy the ad.  It is not crude, takes us quickly into the horse and man’s relationship, and celebrates some of the strong American values this beer tries to encompass.  Truly a clever way to stand out among some of the more traditional male targeted Super Bowl commercials.

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The Beyonce Bowl

On Sunday evening my house had friends over for the Beyonce bowl, I mean Super Bowl….

I do watch the Super Bowl every year but to be honest, I’m never really that interested in the actual football.  My attention is directed mainly towards the snacks, drinks, and watching the commercials about other snacks and drinks, and this year Beyonce!  I’m a pretty dedicated follower of Queen Bey, and knew about her performance a few months before the game.  However, I was surprised to see a lot of the attention she gained before the event in relation to her new collaboration with Pepsi.

Leading up to game day, Pepsi ran many advertisements featuring Beyonce’s lips painted as the Pepsi logo and promoted her halftime performance with a contest run out of


The first part of her performance was made up by contest entries sent into by her fans making a collage titled “Frame By Frame”.  A very unique way to include fans within the performance, but the collaboration between Beyonce and Pepsi has many observers questioning what is really going on.  Many of Pepsi’s commercials have included famous artists (we will rock you with Pink, Britney, and Beyonce anyone?)


Now stated in a Times article, Pepsi has decided to partner with Beyonce to support her as a creative artist.  The partnership will not only include commercial advertising, but also a multimillion-dollar fund to support the singers chosen creative projects.  This shift in advertising seems to be following current trends and interests, as well as promoting their company as a supporter of independent musicians.  Their slogan “Live For Now” vibes along with the use of a current artist, who has been popular for many years and has a strong fan following, they are not only tapping into her fan base, but also into a generation that is highly influenced by current media.  An interesting relationship, but it seems like both sides will benefit!  What do you think about it?

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